[Hit Squad] More /e commands [Working on Getting Public]

This thread contains a lot of .gif files, be careful on mobile.
Some people think we should have more /e commands, so here are some I made for my games, and hope to get public. 19 commands are added, all have appropriate pictures or .gif files.

/e alan

/e sneeze

/e type

/e sit

/e sit2

/e beg

/e bow

/e clap

/e fistshake

/e knee

/e kneel

/e roar

/e salute

/e atease

/e scared

/e lay

/e dance4

/e backflip

Ideas: RobustPhysics, ZacAttack, Nikilis
Donations: RavenSheild, Wsly
Testing: Too many RBXDev and Non-RBXDev members XD
Advertising: (Kinda) SmoothBlockModel (Found here
Others: CodeWriter (Make the Animation Editor)

“I can imagine /e scared in TMM” -SmoothBlockModel
“I need this. Too bad you cannot share animations…” -TheNickmaster21
“I’d give so much if /e sit was a default ROBLOX animation. :C” -RavenSheild
“The sit emote would be nice to have. And who types like that? o.o” -RobustPhysics
“It would be cool if Roblox took them and added them as default animations, since they fit in so well with the default ones.” -Usering

Only one, sorry. :frowning:

All of the animations were hand made, and was started with me wanting /e alan. I was happy to see people had ideas for more, and want these public for everyone to use. I did email Becky regarding making the animations able to be used by anyone, but I never saw a reply. It can currently be tested here, and I hope any admin can find a way to make the animations public, I want to release the script to everyone so these animations can be in any game, not just my own.

inb4 /e fap

Back on-topic. How do these sound just for extras?

/e roll (combat roll forward)
/e mimed

^ would totally use if had this
/e brazil

/e troll (troll laugh – maybe even sound (local to be less annoying to others?))

/e fap = ban :swag:

/e roll: Pass
/e mimed: Ill consider, love the gif.
/e brazil: Uh… no.
/e troll: Can’t implement sounds without editing the scripts main part

Kinda not doing many more suggestions.

but you have to add more troll animations so it will reach a larger audience – also, oops, forgot to like.

Pass on troll animations. :stuck_out_tongue:

*TheNickmaster21 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have an explode animation yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote] *TheNickmaster21 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have an explode animation yet? :stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]
Where did I type your name wrong? And no I will not put in /e explode. :swag:

[quote] *TheNickmaster21 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have an explode animation yet? :stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]
Where did I type your name wrong? And no I will not put in /e explode. :swag:[/quote]


Way cool! You should add a becky dance.

/e dance3

Very well done if I’ll talk to you later about some more advertising options I maybe able to help with.


/e punch
/e kick
/e injured
/e surprised ( puts hand over mouth or something )
/e highfive
and what I’d love is that dancing animation that skype has <3


Those are pretty good animations. I think Roblox should make them default animations.

Love em, just as I told you!

The mimed thing just gave me an idea. What if you made multi-person animations? :open_mouth:

I remember in Splinter Cell where someone would initiate an animation (i.e. boost up wall), and another player would come up and activate them – when that happened, they started the animation with both players. I can just imagine a server full of people co-operating to do the mimed animation O_O

What’s the history behind /e alan?

Alan would spam WASD so he would go in circles.

/e idea
Rests chin on hand for a bit, then reaches arm into air as if to say ‘eureka!’
/e star
Player does a few star jumps
/e shock
Player jumps in the air with fright
/e scared2
Player cowers standing up
/e look
Player puts arm over forehead as if blocking out the sun and looks from side to side

/e punch: Rather not
/e kick: I rather not do it.
/e injured: Not doing fighting based stuff :swag:
/e surprised ( puts hand over mouth or something : Ill do that :smiley:
/e highfive: Little hard…

/e idea: Ill do that.
/e star: Little hard to do
/e shock: Sounds a little hard to me
/e scared2: Please make it, save it, and put the string value in a spoiler, I do not get that one
/e look: I will consider that.

Like this: http://www.roblox.com/Animation-Example-place?id=144922434

My favorite animation on Roblox :stuck_out_tongue:

Made a few more:
(These ones favor the 2.0 Body

/e idea