Hitboxer - Generate hitboxes with a click

Just made a quick plugin to generate hitboxes for your models easily


This plugin only works for Models


I think you should add a bit more information on this. A simple video is not enough! You need to add info about its workings and how it works. Also the plugin is very simple built it has not much of a purpose other than making hitboxes which we can do very easily still very cool good for rotated parts.

A simple video for a really simple plugin, there’s nothing much to say about it :grimacing: It literally gets the size of the bounding box and makes a part of that size

If you need to generate hitboxes for hundreds of models or guns for example it’d take forever to do by hand

“Simple Built” it’s efficient and optimized, anyone would rather have simple code rather than confusing messy code

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turns out for some reason the video didnt loaded when i was writing that and it didnt for a long time and then OUT OF NO WHERE boom vid loaded i watched it wrote my next review that it aint much but its honest work. And yes it is a good plugin I really like that but its too simple add more features like hitbox size in percentage tricky task I know but would be mind blowing!

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Thank you for the suggestions but this plugin was just made to simply generate perfectly sized hitboxes i don’t really wana overcomplicate something that doesn’t need to be overcomplicated