Hitman/Assasin type game

Thanks for the feedback and issues you found.

Will see what I can do.

Just got back and saw this, good job keep going!

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Looking back at this post, a suggestion I have is to make the gun (arm) follow the mouse, obviously with a limited range of motion. I think it would make it much more fun, easier, and immersive to shoot this way instead of just having the gun point straight ahead and not down, up, left, etcetera.

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Also, if you can slide me that mouse movement menu thing script, I’d appreciate it.

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I really like it! So much potential, keep up the good work.

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After seeing your post in HiddenDevs, I decided to try it out again. I really like how you made the menu and the work you have done on it so far.

Here are some changes that I think could help.
When you are locked on to an enemy, maybe you can still move around without the character facing towards him, but when you shoot you could make the character lerp to the enemy and shoot (maybe auto face to the enemy if you ever decide to add an aim feature?).

Another thing, when you shoot, if the enemy is at a certain radius, make him automatically go down or run away from you, similar to how the scream works.

Lastly, more of a bug, when an enemy is dead and you hide it in the bush, the ragdoll doesn’t stay in the bush.

Note: Give us ammo in the gun, I hate reloading!!! :rage:

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  • Updated the Menu.

  • Multiplayer lobbys should work. (but in general still have some small bugs)

  • When you shoot near the target (30 studs) they run away to the exit and try to escape, (not at all finished)

  • Just changed the functionality of the loading screen a bit.

  • +Other small fixes and stuff

Thanks for all the people supporting this little project.


Hey, I’m getting an error along the lines of this when pressing “Start” in a lobby.

Players.PizzaArmy333.PlayerGui.Party.CreateParty.LocalScript, Line 84

Attempt to index nil with 'Position'

Edit: rejoined and it worked

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Small Update

  • Better Main Menu
  • Moral System (Work in Progress) - you’ll experience a moral change: -5 if you kill the target, and +5 if you choose to knock out the target. You see moral changes in the Main Menu: from -3 to +3 Moral, you see one enemie on the Main Menu. Above +3 Moral, no enemies will appear in the Main Menu, and below -3 Moral, there will be 3 enemies displayed.
  • Bettered The Multiplayer In game a bit (Still has bugs)
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Just wanna say that I am on a school trip from Monday - Friday so I won’t update the game in that time

I’m not really understanding the point of the moral system except decoration, will it have more uses later?

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Yea later on definitely but for now its more like decoration yea

I’m back, and I already made some small changes that can be viewed in the games update log

A bit bigger update
(play the game here)


  • Target can escape now
  • You fail when the target escapes, but you still need to escape too
  • Different animations Depending on your moral
  • Target escaping got revamped
  • Settings button for subtitles
  • More voice lines
  • The Target can look at you (does nothing)
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Hey uh, is this intentional?

roblox just hasent sanitized the animation yet, so no not really

By the way, will there be lots of lore/info about the storyline (if there is one), such as cutscenes and more about who lunaaa iss

yeah, probably later, once I finished working on the core mechanics and everything (and I can already tell that she is your operator)