Hitman/Assasin type game

This is just a small game I am working on in my free time.
Progress has been rather slow, focusing mainly on fundamental aspects at this stage (+ I am a stutend so I won’t have a lot of time). You’ll find the keybindings and other essential details in the game’s description.

(Please be aware that I tend to publish the latest version as soon as I’ve implemented a new system (bad habit), which may result in bugs while you’re playing.)

If you’d like to support the project, consider purchasing the 15 Robux gamepass. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

If there are bugs or obvious improvements I could do, tell me.
Have fun with this small project.


I like the jokes at the beginning, can you add this “The shovel was a ground breaking invention!”

So when I reset, I am stuck in the loading screen and It doesn’t move
The pistol doesn’t shoot at where I am pointing at unless I’m in first person (idk if that’s intentional)

I like the idea of the game, maybe add money for every assassination, I also noticed a shredding machine or something like that, you can make it so you can pick up the body and put it in as to “hide the evidence”

I would love it if you add randomized levels too, excited how it will turn out at the end!


Screenshot 2023-09-09 185825

And thanks for telling me the loading screen one. (I just disabled resetting for now lol)
The Pistol normally shoots in the direction you are facing so idk.

You can actually drag the target if you Knock them out and then put them in the canon or shredding machine.

Thanks for playing.


fixed a lot of stuff, didn’t even notice that somehow half of the stuff was bugged as I published the game.


This is pretty cool, I only saw a few things that could be changed. When you shoot, the bullet is angled to the side instead of being straight.

Another thing is that it’s difficult to aim, maybe you could have a lock-on feature or have the mouse point the gun in the direction you want to shoot.


Yeah, couldn’t fix the bullet one, but I am working on getting that right :sweat_smile:

and I think I should rework the aim system yeah.

Anyways thx.

I really like this idea, and the game itself has some pretty well-made mechanics, it has great potential if you dedicated yourself to it.

Here’s my feedback on what you’ve made currently:

  • The jokes in the loading screen are a great bit of satire.
  • I really like the different ways of being able to kill the target.
  • The animations and moves are all really smooth, very satisfying to see.
  • Sound effects great as well.
  • Definitely gives off some MiB vibes, haha.
  • Apart from the bullet being glitched, it moves really slowly for a bullet, maybe try speeding it up… a lot.
  • Even after hitting something, the bullet just continues and phases through anything in its path.

Overall, I think those basic mechanics just need a bit more polishing (of course content needs to be added as well, but you know that).

I give it a solid 9/10!


Thx for the nice feedback.
Will definitely consider changing the bullet based on your feedback!


This is super cool!!!

Only issue which has already been said is the shooting is a little wonky, but this is an awesome project


added a lock on feature that gets enabled when you press your mouse wheel (very likely that it can bug out some things)

Looks very cool, but;

  • Holding a gun and holding down RMB should slow you down and zoom a little
  • You should remove the screenshake, or make it toggleable. It’s just annoying and doesn’t make it any more immersive in my opinion.


Added Settings now, but I am not sure if I am gonna make the “aim” thing.

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really good idea

dont quit on this project

(late reply during game private i tried it earlier)

edit: when game public??

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Yea I also hope I don’t quit it, but I have a lot of motivation.

Its gonna be open again after I finished the Main Menu.

okay good to know

if your looking for help testers or anything i dont really have a project so let me know if u need anything

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Just a quick information:

The game should be open again by tomorrow (Monday) because I am just gonna make a really simple main menu for now.

What is new when it’s open again:

  • A simple new main menu (gonna look trash)
  • nothing else :exploding_head:

Nevermind its gonna be on tuesday cuz I wanna release it with “multiplayer parties” but I can’t finish them today. (you can’t join other parties)

Here is a video on how it looks so far:


That looks really good! (for that ive seen/made)

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Game is open again but you CAN’T join other lobbies yet. And everything might be a bit rushed, sorry.

This looks extremely promising, I love what you have so far.

There is a few issues I found such as the gun shooting, if your shooting with shift lock its not quite accurate and doesn’t hit on the mouse cursor which should be a thing. All the animations you have look AMAZING and looks so smooth.

The loading screen could definitely need some work making the UI more aesthetic and more professional. Also, for me, the little remarks while loading into the game went by so fast I couldn’t read them.

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