[hitsquad] Blocky Bird - Flappy Bird

I’ve recently come back to ROBLOX after a short break, deciding to make something new. I created “Blocky Bird”, a ROBLOX game based off the mobile game Flappy Bird (which has now been removed off the iOS app store).

Flappy Bird itself was well received during the short time it was available even with its frustrating qualities.

To recreate the game in ROBLOX, I created the game using the same mechanics apart from the game itself being in 3D. I also added the ability to purchase revives using the new/upcoming developer products, this helps give me a source of income whilst still allowing users play the game for free.

After seeing Jonh’s ROBLOX status, I added the game to itch.io under the Flappy Bird game jam.

“Do you have a favor flappy bird game on ROBLOX? Submit it to Flappy JAM! http://itch.io/jam/flappyjam

Take a look here:

Why are you dubble posting this?

I’m not double posting this. The original post was about an iOS bug, this place happened to be the place I was working on at the time I discovered the bug.

Therefore it was only natural to demonstrate the bug on this particular game.