[Hitsquad] [CSG] [WIP] BLOX RR: the short line railroad

Another project by yours truly, the BLOX RR short line railroad.

If the pictures aren’t large enough to see, click on them for a higher resolution.

The BLOX Railroad serves the businesses of three towns: Billiards, Lebanon, and Oxfords Crossing. Sometimes the railroad is referred to as “RoBLOX,” short for “Railroad of Billiards, Lebanon, and Oxfords Crossing.” The line is portrayed as a model railroad with people walking on the model’s surface.

The railroad has three ex-conrail SD40-2 locomotives: 6392, 6471, and 6362. Each of these is painted in a unique style. Labels for the numbers have not been made yet.

The railroad serves four industries: a furniture factory, chemical plant, scrap yard, and grain farm. The line splits in two, and each side serves two industries. There is a yard on the longer side that is used to order the outbound cars to be delivered to the main line.

There are 12 freight cars on the BLOX RR: 4 boxcars, 3 tank cars, 3 hopper cars, 1 gondola, and 1 bulkhead flatcar. There will be proper labels applied to the cars, but the labels have not been made yet.

These pictures are displayed in chronological order.

Some technical information about the railroad: As you know, CSG parts are not able to collide as they appear. Despite this, I have made the trains fully-operational. The visible wheels and truck frames are not CanCollided, and the working wheel is an invisible ball the same diameter as the tire of the visible wheel. The flanges are invisible parts offset by 0.1 studs from the side of the rail, which is 1 stud wide and 0.8 studs tall, with 4 studs between each rail; the same size as the track made by xLEGOx.

These trains are also a lot smaller than normal roblox trains. They are built as 1:1 models, where 1 foot translates to 1 stud. This is dramatically different than most trains in roblox, where the trains are roughly 1.8:1 to 2:1

NXT and UR are the same gauge, and is the most popular size for trains on roblox

[size=5]current progress[/size]


as you may have read, CSG parts are getting a change in how data is stored, so I’ve battened down the hatches and un-CSG’d as many CSG parts as I can remember. Here’s a picture of my main building place with all the hatches battened down waiting for the update.

built the piece of wood holding up the fiddle yard
added temporary switch stands
tested out the fiddle yard in this video:

added sleepers to the rails
added more track extending towards the main line
built track all the way down the first side
track halfway complete to the mainline

I’m going to be gone and unable to work on this at all between August 3rd and August 17, so I’ll be working as hard as I can until then. Hopefully I can get an acceptable version online before I leave.

-reserved just in case-

This is awesome. How long did this take?

so far, 4 full days of work

Me gusta! What will the server size be? 1? Please be 1. Or maybe 2.

my thought was that the server size would be 3, just like with CNRailway’s Mt Krauss. Later on, I’ll have it so you can make your own private servers with specific users (including solo).

If you would just marry me and have my children, that’d be great.

You could at least buy him dinner first

You could at least buy him dinner first[/quote]

And perhaps a lesson 'Biology 101 ’ ?

OT : Looking awesome, good luck with it :slight_smile:

Now only if that physics update came out :(…

they work fine without the physics, maybe even better.

I’m kind of in a precarious situation with the physics because I’m taking advantage of the fact that the rails are actually the bounding boxes to allow older trains to run on them.

You could at least buy him dinner first[/quote]

And perhaps a lesson 'Biology 101 ’ ?

OT : Looking awesome, good luck with it :)[/quote]

Maybe Zusik is a woman? Who knows?

I saved all the CSG parts as basic bricks in anticipation of the CSG reset and I’ve re-combined all the parts and it’s a party now that I’ve finished getting all the CSG parts back where they belong. To celebrate, I made this video;