Hitting Cleanup on Mac from place file fails to close Clients

Normally when I want to close a test server, I go to the original Place File and hit cleanup, which closes all clients and server, however, now clicking cleanup from the original Place File only closes the server and not the clients. If I hit cleanup from the server however it will close the all the clients and servers.

Repro Steps:

  1. Start a test server with at least 1 Player (on a Mac)
  2. wait for server and clients to fully load
  3. Click the cleanup button from the original place file
  4. Only the server instance is closed, not the clients
  5. *Bonus if go to a client and wait a bit, you will notice you will lose connection, however there is no “you have been disconnected” message (you are disconnected when you notice you can’t jump).

Also nice touch when closing the server manually it closes the clients as well :wink: