Hokui Public Handbook

Introduction to Hokui :palm_tree:

Hokui is an açaí palm related group, fused with a flourishing Development and Staff Team, we are hoping to revolutionize the common concept of this industry. From all sorts of crisply mixed bowls to our tasty new juices and smoothies, our objective is to suit visitors with our admirable straight forward experience. Trusting to leave our guests with their burst of the sunshine season, we introduce to you our handbook!

Training Sessions

At Hokui, our sessions are hosted every 3 hours daily. The details of each session will be listed on a card in the Training Trello linked below.

Hokui Public Session Schedule

  • 1:00 AM EST
  • 4:00 AM EST
  • 7:00 AM EST
  • 10:00 AM EST
  • 1:00 PM EST
  • 4:00 PM EST
  • 7:00 PM EST
  • 10:00 PM EST
Group Position Knowledge

Customer: A member of Hokui.

Honorable Customer: A member who has made an impact on Hokui, past staff, donors, etc.

Alliance Representative: Individuals who represent our allies at Hokui.

Contributor: Individuals who have provided help during or after the creation of Hokui.

Awaiting Training: Individuals who are eligible for training at the Hokui Training Center.

Junior Juicer: The first low rank; these are individuals who are fresh out of training & are now allowed to work as a Juicer at the restaurant.

Juicer: Official rank gotten to through points. Sufficient hard-work and skill inside the cooking field to rank up.

Pro Juicer: A skilled individual who is on their way through the ranks, that illustrates a dynamic position in our cafe, alongside a well capacity to form our delights.

Expert Juicer: Another rank gotten to as well through points. Features a reasonable stance upon our cooking systems and has sufficient information to instruct somebody else.

Star Juicer: Final rank out of of the juicer ranks, and the only rank with qualification for a Management position. Illustrated enough activity to earn this rank.

Supervisor: First MR Team rank, has operational obligations such as training, supervising, moderating, and other internal duties once done with required mentorship and preparing from our Employment Team.

Assistant Manager: Individuals holding this rank are to effectively supervise and direct the cafe, guarantee security is being held amid trainings, etc. Assistant Managers are allowed to host sessions, as well as be shadowed by Staff Assistants.

Manager: Managers are responsible for maintaining activity at the restaurant, still hosting, and still training at training sessions. However, Managers are granted permission to moderate the group wall, promote and demote Low Ranks, and host shifts at the restaurant.

Coordinator: Although Coordinators are responsible for maintaining activity at the restaurant, their main focus will be supervising at training sessions and on the Employment and Events sub-departments which allow them to promote Star Juicers to Supervisors, as well as host Events.

Executive Assistant: Executive Assistant is the first HR rank at Hokui. Executive Assistants will have the basic responsibilities of an HR such as their mentor groups compiled of all MR ranks, as well as hosting events.

Executive Officer: Executive Officer is the second highest HR rank at Hokui. Executive Officers are either leads of Compliance, or Community Engagement. Two Executive Officers will be leads of each responsibility.

Board of Directors: Board of Directors is the highest HR rank at Hokui. Board of Directors conduct internal affairs with the Leadership Team and ultimately run alliances.

Vice President: Individuals with this rank are portion of the Leadership Team and direct the department they worked up with, Staff Management or Relations.

President: Individuals with this rank are another portion of the Leadership team. They oversee the group generally, and administer the common procedures.

Developer: Individuals who have participated in any aspect of the development of Hokui.

Co Owner: Individuals with this rank are a portion of the Ownership team. The groups administration is still excessively spectated.

Owner: The individual with this rank is a portion of the Ownership Team. They make all the authority choices, and run the group as an entire, next to the Co Owner.


Here at Hokui, we strive to have a positive and memorable impact on our customers, and therefore, we have rules and preferences for our guests to follow at the cafe.

  • Suitability: While going to the cafe, we 100% encourage you to be who you are, but in a mature way. We ask that no bypassing, explicit clothing/music, or trolling takes put. In the event that so, a prompt ban will be put into place.
  • Regard: All through your visits to the cafe, we ask that you just treat all of the juicers and administrators with as much respect as possible. In spite of the fact that we do get miscommunications and unsettling experiences happen, it doesn’t pardon an abuse of respect.
  • Clashes: Everybody is bound to have a contradiction which causes further issues, but in our game, we ask that it’s either privately talked about or it’s brought to DMs. We are not going to tolerate any level of unforgiving chat, or any slight negative tension.
  • Consequences: For guests, we do in fact have a code of conduct for those who do not follow our rules. Trolling, disrespect, immaturity, or anything along those lines will result in a warning, followed by a ban if continued. Any form of discrimination or exploiting will result in an instant p-ban.
Ban Appeals

If you unfortunately got banned from any one of our facilities (including Discord), you can appeal through the form listed below. After discussing, the HR you DM will get back to you on whether or not your appeal has been accepted.


  • You must wait one week after your consequence in order to appeal.
  • Permit us 48 hours to audit your request.
  • Trolling in your appeal will result in an irrevocable ban.
  • Please be truthful in your responses to demonstrate that you’ve truly changed from your past mistakes.
  • If you happen to fail your appeal, you cannot re-appeal until 2 weeks have passed.

Ban Appeal Form

Low Rank Knowledge

If you’re an aspiring juicer, trusting to work up all through our positions, it would be ideal if you utilize the guide underneath in a like manner. — At Hokui, we have a system where Trainees must go to a training session in order to rank up to Junior Juicer, in which the rest of the positions points are required.

✿ Trainee Rank
In order to become a Trainee, you must go to the Cafe, listed beneath our experiences tab, and click the pencil button in-game to begin the application. If you pass, you’ll be automatically ranked to Trainee, making you eligible for a training session.

✿ Junior Juicer+
To obtain Junior Juicer, you must attend a training session at one of the times listed below the Hokui Training Center. To further rank up, Junior Juicers must work at the cafe and obtain points. Points are earned by giving individuals food items, after making and planning them of course. Junior Juicers cannot further rank up through trainings.

  • Juicer requires 100 points.
  • Pro Juicer requires 250 points.
  • Expert Juicer requires 400 points.
  • Star Juicer requires 600 points.

✿ Eligibility for MR Team
Hokui chose to incorporate a workforce which comprises of hard working Star Juicers being reliably assessed and internally examined to see who meets our criteria, and who merits a spot on our Management Team. The Employment Team looks for committed, dynamic, and great communicational gifted members for this part, so when serving, make sure you bring out these characteristics of yours.

Affiliate Guide

In the event that you would like to affiliate with our group, contact a Relations HR member answering the following questions listed below. Before applying, please make sure your group meets our group’s standards & criteria before applying. Any questions regarding your own application or our alliance system, contact a member of the Relations department.


  • Group must have at least 50,000 Roblox Group Members 5,000 non-botted Discord members.
  • Activity within the group itself, and the discord on a daily range.
  • Absolutely no history with selling ranks, discriminatory actions, and/or drama within the industry.
  • Willing to collaborate and plan events with our Relations Team whenever needed.
  • Has 2 prepared representatives to announce all of Hokui’s events/wanted announcements.

Alliance Application:

  • What sparked interest to apply for a partnership with Hokui?
  • How will you benefit our group?
  • May you link your ROBLOX group & Discord server?
  • Please add two Discord usernames for your group’s representatives.
Star Juicer Promotion Guide

Hey, LRs! If you’re a Star Juicer with a passion for a spot on our Management Team, read the guidelines underneath made for you all to reference when working up!

  • 30+ minutes on a daily basis
  • Professionalism, maturity, and hard-work actively displayed
  • No record with hinting, violating our policies, or having any consequential past; bans, p-bans, kicks, etc
  • No safechat
  • Over the age of 13
  • 90 day account age
Verified Juicer Gamepass

Hokui offers a purchasable rank titled ‘Verified Juicer’ which is entirely an in-game rank (meaning you will not be ranked in the Hokui group), but provides eligibility towards a Management Team rank instantly. Once you buy this gamepass, you’ll have full authorization to start working to be noticed as if you were a Star Juicer.


  • No Training Required
  • No Points Needed for Rank Up
  • Instant MR Eligibility
  • Exclusive Particle
Important Links

Listed below are all of our game links at Hokui.

Roblox Group

Roblox Games

Thank you for perusing through Hokui’s Public Handbook! If you have any questions about anything listed in this handbook, please contact an HR+ through our communications server. Have a great rest of your day. :pineapple:

Last updated April 18th, 2024 :spiral_calendar: