Hold CTRL + Z to undo actions quickly has not been working!

Am I the only one having this highly annoying issue where you have to spam CTRL + Z manually if you want to undo actions quickly in Roblox Studio now? You use to be able to just hold said keys and it’d undo things fast for you, now all of a sudden it doesn’t work! Not sure if I accidentally disabled something at some point that all of a sudden broke it, but I’d very much appreciate a response from anyone who may know what’s going on and can tell me what I can try doing as I have no clue and I’ve already looked up this problem but haven’t really found anyone who’s made a thread on this. This has been happening for several months now.

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So am I the only one experiencing this?

This works in scripts but not in viewport for me.

undo does not work for me in animation editor

undo does not work for me in animation editor
me too