Hold E To Rob ATM

Here is my final result!

Big Thanks to @iHaveAKittySheLoveMe for helping me fix errors!


It’s nice but there is a problem, it would be better if you attach that beam to the player’s humanoidRootPart

This looks cool, is it for a game?

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Play an animation like he is actually doing something. Idk like touching the keypad it really makes it better if you add animations.

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I did just to test but it might in one of my games in the future ( And also i love your uis )

Oh alright, well I think it’s pretty dope that you made it, and thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

That’s Cool! I recommend adding a animation! This would be good for a game.

im tired but i will do that tommorow

That looks sick! The GUI could use some works tho.