Hold To Lean RCM/ACS

I know a lot of people needed help on how to make a hold to lean script using rcm or acs.
I have finally figured it out! I wanted to help anyone else who needed it. Disclamer: I’m not sure if this works on acs but I do know it works with rcm.

So first you must head into ACS_Framework.

Press CTRL + F4 and type: “LeanLeft” or “LeanRight” you should see


Then Copy:

   	if Virar == 0 or Virar == 1 then
   		Virar = -1
   		CameraX = -1.25
   		Virar = 0
   		CameraX = 0

Then, delete this line of code from the script.

After that, then make a few lines under the aforementioned code; the paste the copied code in.

Once pasted in, look for:

Once found Replace “Enum.UserInputState.Begin” with “Enum.UserInputState.End”

Under that code you should see if Virar == 0 or Virar == 1 then OR if Virar == 0 or Virar == -1 then
Remove “Virar == 1 or” and or Remove “Virar == -1 or” and replace the only “Virar == 0” or “Virar == 1” With “Virar == -1” or “Virar == 1”

After doing that Under “Virar == -1” or “Virar == 1” you should see “Virar = -1” or “Virar = 1”
Change them both to: “Virar == 0”
Also change CameraX To CameraX = 0 for both LeanLeft & LeanRight.

Once completed doing both LeanLeft And LeanRight. Your script should look like

If there’s anything that I might have missed or any errors that you have just let me know in the comments I will try to get to you as quick as possible!

they are (root-wise) the same engine, so i think it should work.