Holding backspace doesn't delete multiple letters

I’m having an issue with the in-game Roblox chat. In the past, when I hold the backspace key (delete on mac) the selection box would delete multiple letters after a brief wait between them.

Currently, when I try to hold delete in chat, it will only delete one letter.
Here’s me holding the key three times:

Only three letters were deleted.

These are my computer stats:

I have joined multiple games and it appears that this bug is persistent throughout all of them.

Some other PC users have told me they experience something similar when holding down the delete/backspace key in TextBoxes other than the chat.


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This happened to me and my friend throughout multiple games. It seems the problem may be TextBoxes?

I also experienced this issue.

I experienced this for the first time in Catalog Heaven, and I don’t like it, I sure hope we’ll be able to delete multiple letters again when we make typos.

We recently enabled textbox selection copy and paste. While we are looking into better solution for this, could you use mouse selection + delete/backspace temporary instead…? It might be faster and more precise too.

Thanks for your concern, but why was this feature added? It seems quite annoying.

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If you want to delete faster, you can hold CTRL & backspace. I use it a lot as it is faster than holding backspace to delete.

People like me are looking for that one bug to be fixed where every text box will delete an entire word of characters on one backspace press. It’s being annoying, but is that bug being worked on yet?

EDIT: I’m likely to be off-topic, but eh I’m curious.

They fixed it, we can now delete multiple letters again.

Thank you guys for your patience. We have turned off the flag that is causing this issue.


Might be an unrelated issue, but sometimes characters don’t appear as you type them and you have to hold the key down a bit. Asked around and seems like others are also affected.