Holding player's in hands and sitting on player's necks like Adopt Me

Hiya! I’m xLinkTijgerYT, I have a question about a system in: Adopt Me, created by @NewFissy!
They have an system in their game when an player is a parent they can pick up children, and children can also sit on the neck of the parent. Every role is a different team I’ve seen.

I’ve tried several things such as Ownership seats or Attachments, but not getting the result I wanted.
The thing with it is, the baby on neck sitting has a different animation than the laying down. And for information, I do not know how to make those animations work trough script.

If any of the cool scripters out there could help. Such as you reading right now, yes you :wink:, feel free to.


I’m assuming the way they do it is pretty simple.

At least this is how I would go about it:

Player A picks up Player B:
Player A pickup animation is played
Player B is CFramed into the arms of the player (here you’d have the find the position that works for you, I’d use HumanoidRootPart and offset the cframe by a bit, for shoulders I’d probably use the head’s cframe)
Player B is welded to Player A’s arms
Player B laying down animation is played

When player B tries to jump out of the way, the weld is destroyed and the player is free.


Hey, first off, the title of your post seems a bit deceptive with, maybe consider improving that.

Now to the topic, I would personally do it that there is some kind of value inside StarterPlayer, StarterGui or somewhere else which is a descendant of the player itself. The value then sets on the team the player selects. When you try to “pick up” the other player, you can check if the player is on the correct team through the value, and if it is true pick them up.
Otherwise, the system of carrying players described above seems to be a good way.

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Just weld a players humanoidrootpart to another players humanoidrootpart. Set all of a players body parts to cancollide = false.

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Title has been fixed, tho I still don’t know how to do all these. As I said, I don’t know how to play an animation trough script. I guess it’s like:
1. local Animation = game.ReplicatedStorage.LayDown
2. local Animation:Play
? I’m not sure about that.