Holdout On Venus - Prototype Rev. 3

Hello! If you’re reading this, you’re (ideally) coming from my latest place, “Holdout On Venus”.

I’ve just released Revision 3 of the game’s prototype, rewriting core stuff across the board.

This thread’s purpose is to clear some information out of the way. It will be edited over time as the game evolves.

Rev 3 - Update 1


  • Added new gun scripts, hit detection is correct now.
  • Buffed generator and reactor health. Playtesting showed that these were too low and made minor mishaps result in failure.

Changes planned for upcoming versions:

  • Making the randomized difficulty step more linearly at the start of the game to avoid random slowdowns in gameplay. The randomization will be increased in later waves unless that is problematic to players.
  • Adding energy to weapons as a sort of ammo.
  • Adding health kits and ammo crates to the spawns.
  • Adding a medic suppot role
    • Adding weapon “Nanobot Laser” for healing players / lifestealing from enemies
      • Lifesteal to steal health from enemies
    • Adding weapon “Resonator” for restoring players shields, increasing damage mitigation, etc.
      • Sapping to steal shield from enemies (It still damages enemies but restores shield instead of health on the medic)
    • Adding an ultimate ability which grants players an overcharged shield or something. This is to-be-decided.
  • Adding an engineer-like role.
    • Adding constructable sentries for defense (Done)
    • Adding constructable dispensers as a sort of ammo and health regen point, like Team Fortress 2
    • Adding repair tools to slowly give health back to generators.
    • Adding an ultimate ability which allows the engineer to restore health on the center reactor or instantly restore a generator.
  • Making enemies have a chance of dropping health kits or ammo boxes.

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