Holes in unions have invisible walls

Primarily being a scripter, I’m not really sure how to do this, but I was wondering, how can I makeit so my players can go through my Union’s holes?



I suggest using meshes, or if you are using it for something simple, such as a doorway, use multiple parts.


OK, thanks! Is there a way to fix the union glitch?

I believe if you disable collision, but then there would be no collision in total, which would be pointless.

OK, thanks! I’ll use multiple parts

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Personally, the only reason I use unions is to create simple things such as cups, or like a toaster. Basically small household items and what not that will require some sort of hole in them. I do not rely on unions for big things such has cave entrances, or doors.

So as @L7_M said if your needing something with a hole in it that is meant for a player to walk through, you should make a mesh for it.

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Thanks! This helps! :slight_smile:

You can Union the same BasePart multiple times to get a more precise Collision Box but keep in mind that it comes with a price