Holes using Terrain Editor

Right now I was building in studio using terrain editor, I made a hole and filled it with water. Now on the edges has triangle holes and when I try to patch them they make the ground bigger and the hole stays there. Please help me.

pretty sure there is not much you can do except use the grow tool on low strengths where there are the holes

Those are shadows. Unfortunately, water hugging parts and terrain is very, very unstable and unneat. I hope Roblox makes water improvements in the near future.

Most of them are holes, but Still, I wish I could patch them because I had a cool game idea, and now its going to waste.

No no, don’t quit that easily! Just because the terrain water looks ugly on the corners, (not even your fault, it’s Roblox’s), doesn’t mean you should stop your projects. Find a solution, such as putting parts as a border around the water with a similar color and mtl to blend in.

Thats actually a good idea, thank you !