Home Decoration System

I have been working on a really neat Home Decorating system lately which allows you to place, rotate and color ANY furniture available in your house!

Here is one of the edit modes for furnitures in action:

More coming soon


This looks really sick. Looking forward to seeing a finished product… and on that note, make sure you post the finished demo when you’re done!


Really wish I knew how to do things like this. This is sick. Can’t wait to see the outcome.


Dang, you are very talented man.

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I appreciate it guys! :slight_smile:

Me too! Sure thing i will send the finished demo here of course!

One day, if you practice enough and try your best everytime, one day you will know how to do things like this. Know this, and you will remember me


XD though for real, looks nice!

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HAHAHAH Never even thought about that wow xD

my feedback:

furniture movement is awesome
the faded circle on the selection is cool

the icons are understandable after a few seconds but its really hard to initially discern what each one is, for a suggestion you could try removing the circle background or by using more colours/brighter colours

the opening tween is kind weird
like as a user if i was gonna quickly select an option i would feel like i was about to accidentally select something
i don’t actually have a suggestion here but make sure people cant click to fast and activate something random

are you adding mobile support? make sure to include mobile gestures, i think most people will wanna press their finger down and drag furniture rather than press 2-3 buttons before they are even allowed to drag

if you are adding console support it may be better to make the option ring appear as following:

(please excuse the bad drawing i couldn’t actually find an example on google)
very useful if you are going to only have 4 options imo

thats all ive got
kudos btw great work


Followed some of your suggestions and made some minor changes, so far it looks like this:

Faster usability and more information about the system for users


Handles placement mode
Coming soon…

The gif actually shows it laggy but it does not lag at all.

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Of course mobile support is being added:

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Handles movement mode added

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Just finished with coloring system!

Color different groups (OutdoorWalls, Bushes, Roof etc)

Color individual parts

Advanced color picker system

And last but not least, go back to previous color

Furnitures coloring coming soon

Looks awesome!

Saving custom colors is a thing now!

Which auto loads on server join

Really neat my man! I should start on an system like yours :smiley:

This actually very cool, did you look at some plugin’s source to accomplish this or do you have some secret-sauce technique :o? Having trouble sleeping while thinking about this lol. Anyway, super cool creation :slight_smile:

Trust me, this and only this, took me and one more develoepr 2 weeks to accomplish and even now it is not perfect (at some rotations the movement wont work as intended)


I believe that haha. I think you’re doing awesome, and I’d love to see what you do in the future too (Maybe ping or message me :o). What you did is super underrated but sadly scripting is not really that visual in the sense you can project how much work was spent into it.

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Hey I was wondering, are you willing to open source this anytime soon? Would be epic for those adopting games etc or as a base for a system like this. Epic creation by the way!