Home Office - Work in Progress

Please give some feedback for my home office for my prop tag game! I have posted many more things related to my game and they have gotten lots of positive feedback. So, here’s more!

Sincerely and thanks!


Its amazing, although it still lacks a little bit of detail, try adding something on the table and in the bookshelf.

Thank you for feedback!
We will add TONS of details :smiley:
This is the rough outline. If you look through our posts, especially this one: House assets for an upcoming game!
You’ll know we have tons of assets!

But thank you for the suggestion and feedback! We will add around 3 - 4 times the detail this currently has.

Sir, THIS is INCREDIBLE! If I am rating out of 10 you get 100 out of 10. That is just ‘wow’ ! I don’t know what to say except of that. The detail on the keyboard, the chair bevel. I love it all!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I was really happy to read it :smiley:

If you want, go ahead and join our discord for my work updates and sneak peeks!
That’s our discord code!

Saw this in the discord already, but it looks very clean!

It’s awesome you’ve seen it in our discord already! Thank you for being a discord supporter, and thank you for the kind feedback!

Very good looking, but maybe it could use more decoration, i.e. pencil holder, books, files, etc. Also, I’m aware that it isn’t done but make sure it isn’t too bland with the colours you choose, even though it is an office.

Yup! We have all those decorations done. Again, there will be around 3 - 4 times the amount of details you see right now!

nice office you built! but do you know if you could add some colors to any of the stuff inside it, like the shelf in the background or the walls?

yup will add colors for sure! That’s part of the 3 - 4 times amount of details we’re gonna add!
This game is gonna be the best prop hunt game you’ve ever played, and especially because of the well built maps.

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alright, good luck with your game

I would prefer some texture to the walls to make them more realistic.
but the rest is good :slightly_smiling_face: .

Thank you for the comment! I am working hard so I hope your good luck also helps!

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Yup! again, that’s one of the details we haven’t added. We’re gonna have around 3 - 4 times the amount of detail actually.

But thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it :smiley: