Home page is frequently squished

Repro steps:

Expected behavior:
Home screen

Actual behavior:

Squished home screen. It has a mobile-esque aspect ratio.

Refresh the page. Sometimes several times. This time it took 4 times for it to return to normal, usually it works the first time.

Impact: Annoying
Frequency: Common
First experienced: Has been occurring ever since User Ads were removed and the Home screen was widened.
Last experienced: 6th July, 2024


Another one of the many HTML issues occurring after ads were removed. :neutral_face:

@Iron_Legion Do you mind responding to the report below, in addition to this one? It’s being ignored right now:


are you using any Roblox extensions? because I am and I have the same issue

100% can replicate on a very regular basis, it’s often squishing to 1 wide for me.

It’s not a reliable replication, refreshing the page often fixes it first try, but it absolutely happens.

The only addons I have that could potentially affect the layout of the homepage are uBlock Origin and Stylus, but because it’s impossible to replicate it on demand I didn’t bother trying to check if it was them doing it or just Roblox being Roblox (the most likely answer)

mine even worst :sob:

note: im Not using ANY EXTENSION!


Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.

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Hi there @Judgy_Oreo, @cpguy5089, and @AamTum, thanks for the report! Sorry to hear that this issue is occurring.

I’m not able to reproduce the issue myself, so do you mind sharing a few more details about your set up, such as:

  1. Any browser extensions you have enabled
  2. Whether this issue occurs once the page loads, or after resizing the window
  3. What browser and browser version you are using
  4. What operating system you are using (Mac, Windows, etc.)

If you don’t mind, could you also try to reproduce the issue without any extensions enabled, or in another browser? That can help us narrow down the root cause.



It happened just now randomly after I switched pages

No browser extensions affect it
Browser is full screen
Browser is called Opera GX LVL 5 (core: 109.0.5097.142)
Operating system is Windows 10

  • Any browser extensions you have enabled?
    no extension at all

  • Whether this issue occurs once the page loads, or after resizing the window?
    once the page loads, and Fullscreen windows Chrome

  • What browser and browser version you are using?
    Chrome, Version 126.0.6478.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • What operating system you are using (Mac, Windows, etc.)?
    Windows 10
    Intel(R) Core™ i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.30 GHz, 64-bit

  1. uBlock Origin and Stylus are the ones that can and do affect Roblox - I have a mix of others that don’t interact with/don’t affect sites (reddit enhancement suite, editthiscookie, tampermonkey with zero scripts that would run on Roblox, premid, betterttv, ruffle, wayback machine

  2. Happens on page load, but as mentioned before it’s very rare for me and refreshing the page fixes it, so it’s impossible to confirm if it’s extensions doing it or not.

  3. Latest Chrome (126.0.6478.127 64 bit at time of this post)

  4. Windows 10 64 bit

As a side note, I’ve only ever had this issue on the homepage (roblox.com/home) but it looks like at least LvieReal has had it happen on other pages (as they showed their user profile having weird sizes on things)

I think this is happening because the ratelimiting on static.rbxcdn.com is going in a weird pattern. I have encountered this myself just now (as seen in the screenshot).

However, it can be seen that the developer console shows 2 ratelimited requests coming from static.rbxcdn.com

Both are CSS files that have the page related to it configured (~/CSS/Pages/Home/HomePage.css) from page___9ac0875d957aa819a5a633615720fa3d_m.css

This is coming from a request with no usage of VPN and a first visit to Roblox without previously navigating to it, so it definitely shouldn’t have happened. A internal server error probably happened.

This is increasingly an issue and occurring for everyone who gets their squished home page or a corrupted view of the profile page. It is definitely the ratelimits acting up on their static CDN.


Server response: {“message”:“Too many requests”}
Definitely a ratelimiting check not doing its job properly

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Exact same issue with the other bug:

@AlertCheetah12 Please read.

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Hi there, thanks for the additional information! We believe that we have rolled out a fix for this issue.

Could you verify that the Home page is displaying correctly for you now?


Since the issue only happens rarely for me, it’s hard to tell, but it hasn’t happened for a while now so hopefully the fix has worked. Thanks a lot!

Can you confirm whether this fix also resolved the issue with the profile page scaling?

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I’ve personally not run into either the squished Home page or the Profile page bug for the past 2 days, so I suppose can’t really weigh in, but it seems to be fixed. It happened relatively consistently when I first reported this.

Happened to me too, one time it wouldn’t fix by refreshing so i closed the tab and opened a new roblox home page.

BTRoblox extension is causing this bug

The issue is still ongoing, and I don’t have any extensions.

like theyve said its been rolled out

Hey @mena5555, thanks for the reply! When you get a chance, could you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing exactly?