Home Screen Shortcuts

I recently noticed a feature on Spotify which allows you to save certain playlists as shortcuts to your Android home screen (not sure about iOS.)

I think it would be cool if we could save shortcuts of our favourite games to the homescreen from the mobile app. This would be a small change to make but would be beneficial to both players and developers, as well as Roblox itself.

The shortcut would be the game icon and name, perhaps with a Roblox icon in the corner, similar to how Google’s shortcuts appear


If Roblox could automatically open a given webpage in the Roblox app after having opened it in Safari (and I think it can if you click the “Play” button on a game’s web page on an iOS device) this could be accomplished by adding bookmarks to your iOS homepage, albeit manually. When you’d open these bookmarks, they would lead you to a roblox.com web page, you could receive an alert to open the app at the given location. I don’t think that iOS supports any direct application shortcut feature.


iOS has widgets. I’m assuming that’s what this would be best with.


This would be the best way. Icons on the home screen(s) are limited to applications or websites only, an application cannot have more than one icon.


Roblox should really add this, it’s 2023 and i’m pretty sure every single platform support home screen shortcuts.

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