Honest Feedback Needed *Futuristic Temple*

Hello, I recently finished the exterior to my Futuristic Temple build. Is there any feedback you can give me on it so I can improve the build?

Futuristic Temple Exterior


  • Oct

Low-Poly Clouds seem doesn’t fit with your buildings, try to use Plugins or Particles to make it more realistic


When your graphics card breaks and it shows the both the Low/High Detail modes at the same time

Apart from that, the temple itself is incredible! Great job on making it!

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Clouds are just there because I’m using them for another different build, forgot to move them out of the way lol.

I would put some steps out front of the entrance or some sorta pathway leading to it as it seems such a great build without a truly great entrance. I might add some of those stones? gems? out front as well from picture six because I really like those.

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try editing those things on blender

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