Honest opinions about build

i made this character for a shooting game what do you guys thank about is and how can i change it??

he is suppose to be scared because there’s a war in where he works


It looks really basic, as if it came from 2010. No offense bro but you could do better.


i no i wasn’t done im still working on it im mainly talking about the structure and the face

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I think this is supposed to be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations instead of in development discussion (somebody correct me if I’m wrong here)

edit: On a contributive note though, I suggest moving the legs out a bit, maybe even make it so that his knees are touching his torso, as if he was chilly or something like that, I also have no idea what the guy is doing with his hands, maybe try positioning them in a more defensive manner?


One of my main concerns is that his face seems a little small for the expression. The cash register/counter also seem a little too blocky.

I mean, we all start somewhere. You’ll get to your end goal if you work on it long enough.

very plain no detail add some detail and interesting things in there

it’s almost as if you gave me a plain piece of paper and tell me to imagine it’s an oasis (but its not done yet)

I am going to be honest, you should remove the character from your game. The character is R6, which means you cannot create any realistic poses. Inserting a R6 character that does not move will give an unprofessional and low quality impression to players in your game.

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it’s kinda basic in my opinion.

You’re getting at people for making basic things?
Some guts you have.

I think it is wonderful @NightOwl_Dark14 maybe a little more effort would help, watch some youtube videos and you’ll do great!

The only problem here is lack of detail. You should consider adding some colors, props and etc. It will make your built way better.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to show with this one.

It just looks like you placed a few blocks and a free model, then took a picture.

It would be fine if you are trying to showcase Roblox, but if you are trying to showcase your own skill in something you’ve made, it kind of needs to be more complex if you are asking for opinions.

There’s nothing much wrong about what you’ve sent, but there’s nothing much to judge from a model and some parts either.

I would encourage you to just focus on scripting and make the scripting amazing to compensate for the lack of builds.