My first UGC concept

Still Loading…


I want feedback about my UGC concept.


It’s just circles…

You didn’t put any effort into it?

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I think it’s supposed to be a loading sign.


I know but he didn’t put any effort into it, and he is kinda getting at someone because their build is basic:

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Honest opinions about build…

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It’s not bad, but very hard so see.


I made it so it looked like a loading sign, not too much to put into it.

There are more basic UGC catalog items than mine… but thanks for the feedback.

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image image

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Let’s start off with the obvious then.

Censor Bar actually is detailed, they are one sided, look more in depth before judging things.
Orbs of Honesty has the “Cartoon” bit around it, takes a while to make, still better than yours.
The white bandage isn’t supposed to be good, it’s just on your “nose” it’s still better than yours
especially considering yours is just circles.

Censor bar it’s just a single face.

The cartoon style is very easy to implement to a mesh, just 3 clicks.


so… You’re saying the bandage ISN’T supposed to be good? Nor is a loading sign. I don’t know if you expect loading signs to be a full on artwork by Picasso, or you’re being a hypocrite and being fine with everything in the UGC catalog just because of the idea that they’re actually in there, please don’t attack other peoples work as it will really damage your reputation as a whole in the future.


As it is just a loading sign, it is not supposed to be a picasso artwork just as @Dakolic said before me.
Because you can see what it is, I wouldn’t really complain about it.


I agree, they “basic” but maybe not “basic” more like it isn’t that good, but it’s not bad. So 50/50 I mean they are all very easy to make. And for the Censor Bar probably took 5 minutes or even 30 seconds to do in blender there is one just like it called the Glitchy ERROR bar Glitchy ERROR bar - Roblox it is way better.
Here’s a Picture of the UGC:

To make you’re UGC better, add a bit more detail to make it stand out and use a bit of different shades of colors to make it pop out.
For now, all I can say is do you’re best. :+1:


How about, you calm down. Make one and try to get into the program. He did his best, you can’t be going around and saying so-and-so. That’s just disgusting of people doing what you are doing, he got into the program, so he is lucky, and it’s his FIRST UGC if you didn’t read. Give him some ways to fix his UGCs in the near future. It’s Roblox, so stop spreading hatred.


@Rebellion2895 Somewhat counterintuitive to say that there seems to be no effort put into this when the whole premise is to design a simple dotted loading sign accessory. The fact that you go out of your way to say “still better than yours” shows nothing more than your insolence. This loading concept is actually nice for what it is.

@Sarturex857 If you need some valid criticism, all I can say is that in regard to the gradient defined by the different shades of gray in the circle, it should be colored in such a way that the loading sign appears to be going one way.

One of the ways you can do this is by arranging the colors from either light to dark, or dark to light. This may be difficult to convey in words, but once you put that general design principle into practice, you should see what I mean.

Apart from that, don’t take any criticisms in reference to style or detailing of the sort in reference to that. If the whole premise of this loading sign is based on you making it clean and simple, then you did an excellent job at it. The only legitimate concern is in relation to how you colored it to make it seem more like a loading sign, but literally don’t stretch too far off from that.

P.S. Don’t actually listen to the feedback that basically say “make something no one has seen before!!!” If anything, focus on an idea that you think is personally cool and neat, make sure it’s “original” in the sense that it isn’t stupid or a blatant rip off of something else (and stupid relates to that in this case), and try to see what you can do with the idea. You don’t need to make something no one has seen before, and your first UGC item is proof of that. You made something that’s familiar to everyone, and I personally like it. Don’t let anyone knock you down on how you should style it. Keep up the good work.


Wow, that was a long reply.

Ps: I said make a UGC that no Robloxian has ever seen. Without the “!!!” :+1:

it looks alright but overall very good


Most of it is darker colors, try and brighten it up a little. Also, it is very pixely and empty. Overall, I would say its a 3/10.

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its pixely because of the screenshot I tooked.