Honest Opinions on Portal game?

Hi! May I get your honest opinions on this Portal game I made? Thanks for anyone visiting it.


Credits goes to the creators of the sounds, and the creator of the Sci Fi doors. The doors are subject to change.

Known Bugs
  1. Spamming jump on the lava will attempt to pass it, instead of “killing” the player.
  2. Speedrunning the dialogs will get “audio on audio”, and maybe text glitch.
  3. Mechanics may glitch because too many mechanics :confused: (Rejoining the game MAY or MAY NOT help)
  4. Lag may occur sometimes.

Tell me if I should make this into a real game!
P.S.: I staied 1 hour to make this post and make the mechanics work :joy: :sweat_smile: :sob:


I quite liked this! I’m a big fan of anything Portal related, so this is very nice. Although, the building could use improvements and I had to get used to the way portals are placed, since it’s not the usual left mouse button for blue and right mouse button for orange. I have also noticed the portals tend to overlap.


Yeah, I didn’t have time and imagination to improve the buildings, and for the overlapping portal, I used EgoMoose’s portal stuff, so I don’t know about that…

Pretty good! It’s decent, but it gets the job done! My personal issue is that the portals do sometimes to get a bit wonky, and I did get the lag as soon as I equipped the Portal Gun

And the building structures could use some work, other than just simple Metal Structures :thinking:

Overall, good job!

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Hey, Iike it! However, the text randomly disappeared at the begging, and when I hit the lava, I was teleported above it. Once I touched the lava again, it seemed to work:

I really enjoyed the button mechanics, and the door mechanics, but I found myself outside the map quite a bit

Overall, great game! Just has a few bugs, excited to see the full game release!

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Thank you! I am using the old and probably deprecated MoveTo(), so that is why you found yourself up there. In the second image, those are testing elements! Probably more to come :eyes:

Yeah, just do

character.HumanoidRootPart.Position = DesiredPosition

That will work the same.

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You should use HumanoidRootPart.CFrame and not position

character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = TargetPosition.CFrame

Because you will kill them if you use .Position

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You actually will not kill them, both work. It is simply a matter of preference.

Sometimes can get bugged:

I wasn’t aware of that, I haven’t ever had any problems with it. I generally use Position for teleporting players, and CFrame for NPCs

Ok but is better if you use the CFrame

Thanks everyone for the bug report and reccommendations! Now I can improve those stuff!

The concept is interesting, however, what threw me off the most was the extremely wobbly camera; making it near impossible to practically play. The building could receive some improvements in order to add onto immersion and the portals could use some optimization as I did receive some significant frame drops as I equipped the gun.

The camera shake was added for the realism, and I am not really sure why the FPS drops when equipping the gun, I am sure to fix that. Thanks!