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Welcome to the Honeyz Cafe Official Handbook! Here you can find information that will help you complete your tasks here at the cafe. This handbook was created by your SRs to make sure everyone gets all the necessary information to succeed here at Honeyz.

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:clipboard: MR/HR Applications: 🍯Honeyz Cafe Applications !
Alliance Rules: Honeyz Cafe Alliance Rules - Google Docs

  • Exploiting is not permitted.
  • Trolling or being disruptive is not permitted.
  • Abusing/excessive caps are not permitted.
  • Advertising in-game or on the group wall is not permitted.
  • Disrespect or discriminatory behavior of any kind to anyone is not permitted.
  • Bypassing the chat filter to use offensive language is not permitted.
  • Trying to bypass rules in order for it to seem justified is not permitted.
Rank Information

Interested in what each rank means? If so, you are in the right place! Below you will see information on what each rank does in our community.

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↓ (LR) Low Ranks ↓

Customer: This is a rank that is automatically given to someone when they join the group.

Allied Representative: Reps. for groups we are allied with.

Trainee: This rank is automatically given to someone when they pass the trainee quiz at the application center.

Junior Barista: This rank is for people that were recently trained to be a barista.

Barista: This rank is for junior baristas that have the required amount of worker points.

Head Barista: This rank is for Baristas that have the required amount of worker points.

Kitchen Leader: This rank is for Head Baristas that have enough worker points.

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↓ (MR) Middle Ranks ↓

Staff Assistant: Lowest MR rank. They are to attend training sessions and assist the trainers.

Supervisor: Attends training sessions as a trainer.

Assistant Manager: Attends training sessions as a host or co-host.

Cafe Manager: Attends training sessions as a promoter.

All MR ranks are expected to moderate the cafe

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Developer: This rank is given to our game developers.

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↓ (HR) High Ranks ↓

Executive Assistant: These users decide their department and learn about the department’s operations.

Management Department: Workers in the Management Department are under the direction of the Management Director. Management manages all staff punishments and inactivity notices.

Public Relations Department: Workers in the Public Relations Department are under the direction of the Public Relations Director. Public Relations manages everything from our allies to everything fun within our community.

Staffing Department: Workers in the Staffing Department are under the direction of the Staffing Director. Staffing deals with staff applications and staff benefits, like promotions.

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↓ (HR) High Ranks ↓

Public Relations Director

Staffing Director

Management Director

Chief operating officer



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Blacklist/Restriction Appeal Information

This appeal information is provided for those who have been banned from the Honeyz Cafe Communications Server server or game.

We recommend you to add additional details in your application as much as possible. This will help you to get a higher chance of getting unbanned.

However, if you were able to get unbanned from the communications server, but proceed to violate the rules and regulations repeatedly, you will be permanently blacklisted from joining the communications server. You also will no longer have access to re-apply for the ban appeal.

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↓ Appeal Form ↓

Affiliate Information/Application

Honeyz Café is delighted and excitedly seeking partnerships. The Public Relations Department aims to amalgamate our café with other companies for opportunities and magnificent communities.

This contains detailed and vital information to those who are willing to form an alliance with us. If you have met the requirements, you are eligible to apply!

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  • Your group must be well organized and neat.

  • Your group is required to be on both Roblox and Dizzy platforms.

  • Your group must have professional staff members.

  • Your group must have at least 100+ members.

  • Your group is required to be an active group.

Application: https://twitter.com/CafeHoneyz/status/1270054704320516096?s=20
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Strikes & Consequences

Here at Honeyz Café we only give our allies two warnings before a termination.


Please do not argue with us if your group’s alliance has been terminated, as arguing will get you nowhere.

If you have any inquiries or questions, do not hesitate to ask a member of the Public Relations Department.

"Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that not every question that an individual may have is going to be added here, only top mentioned questions.

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Q) What do I do if I see a member of staff behaving inappropriately?

  1. Take evidence or report it to the Staffing Director and they’ll handle your situation.

Q) How can I work for Honeyz Café?

  1. We have an application center on the group page of Honeyz Café. There you’ll see the trainee application.

Q) How many warnings do trollers get before a kick?

  1. We follow the 1 warning system. If a troller gets a warning and is still misbehaving, make sure to report to an MR to call them to kick the troller. If they rejoin the server of the café, give them a chance. However, if they repeatedly troll with their unnecessary behavior, call an HR to ban them from the server.

Q) What do I do if I see a member violating the rules and regulations of the server?

  1. Simply call an MR+ to handle the situation. However, if no MR+ is online, you may kindly tell them to stop then report to an MR+ in DMs and they’ll respond once they are online.
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