Honor | GFX Artist| commissions OPEN

About Me

Hello everyone! I am Honor, a GFX artist. I have been making Roblox GFX since 2020, so a little over 2
months. I’ve been mostly doing small time commissions until now, I’ve made renders for a game called “Obby Rush” that might or might not blow up soon.



I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work during the week due to school.


My prices are as such:
5,000R$ - Thumbnail
2,000R$ - Icons
1,000R$ - Simple thumbnails


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord honor#0375

Sorry if this post is bad, first post here. Prices are negotiable!


Your work seems to vary on quality and you’ve been doing gfx for…2 months? Do you have any way to prove these are your artworks?


I have all of the photoshop files, and they are varying in quality due to the fact that I haven’t only been doing gfx, but photo manipulation and painting in photoshop. If you are interested in the proof you can send me a friend request on discord.

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No, it is ok as long as you have proof. Good work and gl!