Horizontal scroll w/ mouse wheel breaks camera zoom and instead tilts camera

I can confirm this still happens on Mac using “Logitech MX Anywhere 3 For Mac” mouse.

On an empty baseplate it works as intended… scrolling zoom works with mouse wheel.

In many games however, it pans the camera up and down rather than zooms… can be repro in Sharkbite 2:

This is still happening on Mac using many Logitech Mice.

The strange thing is this bug is not present when playing a game in studio.

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Experiencing this issue with MX Master 3 on Mac.

Any fix available?

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Yup this is still occuring for me as well. Please fix!


Bump- this is a seriously annoying bug that still hasn’t been fixed.


Bump, I use a Mac and I’m forced to only use I/O keys to zoom in and out, holding control or command doesn’t work either :face_holding_back_tears:


Still an issue- someone please help!

For anyone having this issue on Mac, uninstalling Logi+ Options and then restarting fixed it for me. You lose the ability to remap your keys however. I am using the Logi M720

Tested on M1 Pro Macbook

Holding shift down on a Macbook Pro M2 and scrolling messes up my camera and pans right and left. I have a RedDragon mouse.

There was apparently supposed to be a fix in late February of 2020 but no one’s heard anything from Staff I don’t think since. I just bumped that post & comment.