Horizontal scroll w/ mouse wheel breaks camera zoom and instead tilts camera

thread formerly titled Fast scrolling w/ mouse wheel can break camera zoom and instead tilt camera

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(thanks @madattak for narrowing down the problem more)

this seems like it might be related to another report, since it has similar effects: Pressing Ctrl while zooming forces you to hold Ctrl to zoom manually, otherwise tilts camera

this is on PC. relatively simple to replicate, you need a mouse capable of horizontal/side scrolling. this works on every default camera game i’ve tested, and some others.

  • go into any game with the default camera
  • horizontal/side scroll the mouse wheel

after performing these steps, the camera will “break” and instead of scroll wheel zooming in and out, it will instead tilt the camera relative to the player. I & O will still work to zoom the camera, but do not fix the problem.

this can even persist across universe & place teleports, but does not persist upon rejoining or restarting the client. as far as I’m aware, this problem is recent. maybe tied to the recent touchpad control changes?

here is the problem demonstrated in my own game:

and here is the problem demonstrated in Welcome to Bloxburg

for context, my mouse is a logitech G502.


That also happened to me many times, although I thought that was a small bug it appears to be quite annoying.


Happens a lot and I thought it was just me, glad others are reporting it.


Seems to be happening often to me when I’m playing. Anyone have a solution?

Update: It doesn’t happen anymore to old Logitech mouses, tho in newer versions it happens some times.


I’ve had the same problem, although performed differently. I’ve no idea as to what actually causes this, but it’s really annoying.


Here are similar threads I found with the camera zooming issue:


Seems a lot of people are having this issue. I’m one of those people.


I’m also having this issue. Replication is easy enough, simply scroll in and out as fast as possible. Might be worth mentioning I’m playing on a Windows PC, using a wired logitech mouse. Hope we get some information on at least what’s causing this issue.


Yes! Been happening to me a lot. Using the Logitech MX Master 2s.


Also using the Logitech MX Master 2S; annoying as heck. I’ve been dealing with it for like three months now.


It breaks the game Eclipsis for me, pretty much only game I play :confused:


Happening to me when I just click the middle mouse button. Using Logitech g502


Forgot to add, I’m using a Logitech G903. Maybe it’s something to do with fast scrolling?


Since it seems to happen to everyone on Logitech mice, I’m guessing this issue is actually nothing to do with the fast scrolling and is actually this: Scroll wheel pans camera if it has a sideways scroll


Lol this whole time I thought there was some script making this happen in my game and I was freaking out


Been experiencing this practically every game I have been played recently. It isn’t a very major bug, but still gets kinda annoying.

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I just edited the post title & contents, @madattak seem to have picked up on the real problem, which is that side/horizontal scroll is what causes the issue. I suppose I just tend to press my mouse wheel to either side if I zoom in/out really fast? either way, thanks for mentioning this!

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Side scrolling doesn’t break the camera for me, just fast scrolling.

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Seems like there may in fact be two separate issues here! It’s really easy to accidentally nudge the mouse wheel sideways, it took me a while to figure out that was what was causing it for me, but it seems for some people the problem may be different. Guess we’ll have to wait until after Christmas to figure that out.


I don’t use mouse, i use a mouse-pad and the camera zoom still breaks.

The only solution is use the I and O buttons.