Horizontal scrollbar in the Explorer causes the window to shift when clicking on items

If you click on an item in the Explorer when the horizontal scrollbar is visible, the explorer window will automatically shift focus, even when the object is already clearly in focus.

Notice how whenever I click on a label, the horizontal scrollbar shifts its position. This makes certain actions such as renaming objects a lot more annoying.

This happens 100% of the time whenever the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom is visible. To reproduce this bug, create a hierarchy in studio with enough layers or children such that the horizontal scrollbar appears. A simple method of doing this is inserting a couple parts and grouping them together multiple times with CTRL + G (Windows shortcut). If done correctly, you should be able to expand multiple layers such that your hierarchy looks similar to this and a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom:


Now when you keep alternating between selecting the top-level parent Model and one of the child Parts, you will notice that the explorer window keeps moving to the left and right.

This bug happens in all place files with hierarchies that are deep enough for a horizontal scrollbar to appear. It has also been happening for well over a year. I do not remember when it first started happening, but the bug has been around for a while.

Additional information that may or may not be useful:

  • This happens when editing local files and when editing Team Create places.
  • Platform: Windows 10

Thanks for the report.
The current behavior is definitely undesirable.
We will get this fixed.


sorry to bump this but this is still happening lol


Also, probably a related bug, when selecting multiple instances inside parents (group, folder, …) the explorer starts jumping.


Ugh this is so annoying. I always resize my explorer to much bigger than it needs to be in order to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar so this doesn’t happen.

I also notice that the blue background on selected objects in the explorer now stretches to the edge of the window which they didn’t do before. I don’t really like this because I would use the empty space on the right to deselect everything which I found handy. Just clicking in that gray space would clear your selection.


Lol man this happens to me too, its so annoying, the very thing roblox had to make bugless, its the buggest one


Closing out older issues, this was fixed in a previous release.

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