Horizontal ScrollingFrame does not work inside another ScrollingFrame

Putting a ScrollingFrame inside another ScrollingFrame does not work if the nested ScrollingFrame has scrolling direction set to X instead of Y.

Using MacOS Ventura and tested in Studio.

The attached repro file should illustrate the issue well. The ScrollingFrames that have green and black boxes work fine, but the ScrollingFrame with the red boxes does not work. The only difference is the scrolling direction.

The horizontal scrollingframe works if the parent scrollingframe has canvassize set to 0. I can also drag the scrollbar manually but scrolling with touchpad/scroll wheel does not work.

Scrolling.rbxl (59.8 KB)

Expected behavior

I expect the horizontal scrollingframe to work nested inside another scrollingframe since the vertical one works well nested.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when there’s any update on the issue.

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