Horm1001 - Translator - English to Russian

Hi as you can notice Russian roblox community is growing, i want to introduce myself to you as English to Russian translator.
I have born in Russia and well know both English and Russian languages.
My English lvl is B2 (Upper-Intermediate)

  1. Battle Gods Simulator
  2. Gorilla
  3. Playville

I’m available from 11pm through 2am PST, on weekdays and from 6pm through 2am PST on weekends.

I accept :robux: Robux or Steam wallet or Paypal
0.20-0.50$ per line.

You can contact me on the DevForum, or ask me for Discord.

I’m creative, ideas generator, little bit could help with design (banners is my work).

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Not to judge but why would anyone need a translator. If your price range is small (Which you should include at least the least amount you would want) then it would make more sense but I even have translated for people before, for free. It’s not hard to read and type. I might be misunderstand and I don’t want to judge but still.

I think you are really underestimating the job of a professional translator. I am translating games myself, and that’s a bit more than reading and typing. Not only that you have to think how you would organically translate sentences into the other language, so that it is still in the context but also understandable, it also takes a plenty amount of time. If you consider that everything you read (All GUIs, description, tutorials, signs etc.) must be manually translated, it can take multiple hours, which is for sure worth some Robux.


I’m perfectly understanding all the subtleties of translating, don’t see any problem with it.

Translated Battle Gods Simulator


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Translated Gorilla! 🦍 Gorilla - Roblox

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Many players in Roblox who create games don’t understand English, so it would be very useful.