Horror game house

I made this house for a horror game
I do not have lighting on, and i will add some more decorations once i get the scripting done with them (like a wardrobe)

This is where most of the game will take place, the players only go outside for a minute. It is also my first time making a horror game so i need your suggestions to make this look better.


I guess it looks alright for now?

Might need to add a bunch of furniture in the house to make it seem not so empty.
Well positioned objects can make navigation tricky for a player when attempting to run away from a chasing monster (if that’s what you are aiming for)

Should also add some outside vegetation if you want to make the player go outside (trees, a mailbox, a porch with a rocking chair, etc)

Also depend on the theme you are going for, if the house is situated in a dark and spooky forest, you might want to add trees all around the house to obstruct the players view to the outside world.

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I will try to add more furniture but not in the middle because while it does make it hard for the player to move, my monster ai sometimes gets stuck. I also imagined this to take place in a dark forest, so i do need trees. Thanks for your suggestions


It looks good, but, I think you forgot the roof.


It will have a second floor (empty cuz not accessible) but i don’t have enough motivation to start building, maybe some other day


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