[Horror Game UI & Builds] Feedback needed!

Hello there! I need some feedback on my story-driven horror game project.

For now, I’ve built the outside and inside of the asylum, got a few systems coded, including the menu I want to show below.

NOTE: Zoom in! The screenshots are kinda dark (like indended lol)

Here are the screenshots from the outside:

Here are the shots inside (Not much, but I started building this today)

Also, here’s some footage with actual lightning, without the in-game flashlight:

And, for the menu, here’s a video showcase.

I’d really appreciate any feedback for the menu UI and the builds themselves. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Wow, I don’t actually have much significant critique for this! All of it is pretty phenomenal!
Absolutely love the atmosphere, the detail is immense. The writings on the wall and signs are pretty ominous, lol.

Here’s my nit-picks:

I think the chairs arms are a bit too sharp, make it a bit more bevelled, it looks like you might get caught on one.
Also, maybe it’s just one large waiting room, but that seems like a lot of chairs for some hallways in an asylum.

The rust PBR on the doors just feels a little off for me, when light shines on the door, the rust looks too intense and the door too smooth, it sticks out and gives a sort of artificial sense, I think the rust could be a bit more wide-spread and duller.

Your badge says you’re a UI designer, so you probably know more than I, but I don’t think the UI gradient on the loading wheel fits the rest of the style of the UI. I think something more solid or a different colour than the sort of crimson-maroon would look better, or something darker than white as the background, or perhaps a little more red.

The zoom-ins on the images when hovering over the UI are also a little bit strong, I’d slow them down a bit or reduce the increase in zoom because it feels a bit too intense.
Lastly, the sounds for the UI doesn’t feel very fitting either, I’d change the hover sound or pitch it down so it matches better with the click sound, or use sounds from the same library.

Once again, tremendous work so far! I’m a big fan of horror games, shoot me a message when this releases. Best of luck! :+1: :smiley:

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this looks really really nice! Honestly I don’t have much complaints this is all well designed. The only thing that bothers me is that some of the pictures are way too dark to see anything

^ looks like a black box to me


Woah, that’s alot, so let’s start :smile:

The chair arms are indeed to sharp. I’ll try to fix it once I hop back to studio.
It is indeed something like a waiting room. This is the first room you will be set in, so I think it makes some sense :laughing:

I agree with the doors problem. It bothered me since I built them, but was way too focused on programming a whole door system and just overall building it all to change it to something more appealing. I will also look into that!

The UI wheel was more of an experiment, so I will change it to a solid color too :smiley:

About the zoom-ins, haven’t thought about that, but that’s correct - gotta tune it down just a little.

The sounds are also a thing to change, I think I will also implement a random pitch system, where every time the hover/click sound plays, it will be in a little lower or higher pitch.

Thanks for your time! I really appreciate that!

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Well, depends on the monitor. When I zoom in, I can see what’s there. This shot was actually taken with the flashlight turned off :confused:

Also, thank you for your feedback! Appreciate that!

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