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So, I’m making a horror game and I want the lighting to be dark, but it ended up being too dark. I don’t have enough knowledge on what every single property under Lighting does. The image below are my current lighting settings. Are there any tweaks that I can do to make the lighting scarier or better? Note that my game will always be nighttime, it will never be daytime. (I plan on using Bloom, ColorCorrection, and DepthOfField, but I currently don’t have those settings enabled)

Could you please post a screenshot of your game? My suggestion is to fiddle around with these until you are happy. I did the same for my RP game with realistic graphics and i had no idea what i was doing.

Hey man,

There are a few things you could immediately adjust here. For starters, you’ll probably want both EnvironmentalDiffusion and EnvironmentalSpeculation set to 1 instead of 0. These properties are recommended to keep at 1 because they help to further reinforce futuristic lighting. It can be a little complicated to explain, but they help with light reflection.

Then, it really boils down to playing with the Ambient and OutdoorAmbient setting. These are the properties that are gonna effect what you’re after the most. So, naturally, having them both set to 0 can make things a little too dark.

In the end, you can also toy with ExposureCompensation as an additional option. Hope this helps.

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