Horse Valley 2 - Update Log


Update Log

Version 0.4.7:

  • Complete map design revamp
  • Changed map season theme to Fall / Autumn
  • Added halloween tacks, furnitures, hats, clothes, faces, tacks
  • Stall door stay closed when no horse is selected
  • Go to stable possible even when no horse is selected
  • Fixed not being able to unequip tail decorations
  • Fixed UI bugs
  • Fixed floating horses
  • Fixed character freezing after resetting

Update Archive

Version 0.4.6
  • Added day/night cycle
  • Added hoof picking
  • Added ambient night & day sounds
  • New intro
  • Increased tomato picker job earnings by 60%
  • Improved horse rearing look
  • Reworked the UI
  • Reduced data loading time
  • Fixed horse stats / health stuck at 100%
  • Fixed house floor and walls not saving
  • Fixed invisible horses
  • Fixed random black screen that resets players back to stable
  • Fixed tutorial arrows not showing up
Version 0.4.5
  • New feature: Buy multiple houses
  • Added American Ranch house
  • Added rugs, hay bales, water well, stool
  • Added new pants and shirts
  • Increased all work earnings by 50%
  • Increased tomato picker earnings by extra 60%
  • Changed design for several UI
  • Fixed Jump Arena sometimes not registering successful jumps
  • Fixed all stats displaying “Swiftness”
  • Other major bug fixes


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