Horsepower, Torque and Hinge Constraints

Making a car script I have a car that is fairly realistic but I think I may of miss placed values in the wrong spot

Is Torque in a car equal to a hinge constraints max acceleration
While Horsepower is equal to the Max Torque of a hinge constraint motor

This is how I have it scripted to be and I believe I may have it backwards after playing around with tons of simulations

I need help alloting Horsepower and Torque to the proper hinge constraint properties, so far tho I do have the top speed correct.

Which one is correct

  1. Horsepower == MotorMaxAcceleration,
    Torque == MotorMaxTorque

  2. Torque == MotorMaxAcceleration,
    Horsepower == MotorMaxTorque

Also apparently the times seem fairly close to real time calculations the way I have it but im still skeptical

  1. is correct, horsepower is the maximum Energy the car can output, the Maxspeed = Horsepower, Torque is the rotational force, the acceleration,

the capability of a force to produce change in the rotational motion of the body = Torque
(Source: Torque - Wikipedia)

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