Hose with Rope Constraint

So I am working on a Fire Truck

Rosenbauer Panther 6x6

So I am now working on a hose to revolve around it, however I am not sure the best method to do so.

I am currently trying to use Rope constraint in order to create this, however the player always gets stringed back and the hand is always pointing backwards.

Sorry if this is a bit vague.



How are you scripting the hose and the players arm when they hold the hose nozzle end?
It looks from the picture that the hose length is the min. distance between the player’s hand and the Part.
The rope’s length should be allowed to be longer to allow for the length of the extended arm as well as a small amount of ‘droop’ to seem more realistic.
I’m not a scripter but basically you’d need:
RopeConstraint.Length = distance from Attachment0 to Attachment1 + 0.5
or something like that.