Hospital feedback!

Okay, so, someone hired me to make a big hospital, I’m a new developer so I really need some feedbacks and stuff to help me improve my builds, here is my progress so far, it’s still a WIP.

I only made the exterior for now, and I love gray!


I like it. It’s big, and it looks very unique in my opinion. I like the colors you chose (gray, white, black).

The buildings themselves are great, but as for the parking lot, maybe move the parking area on the right a little further away from the one on the left, or maybe make it longer (Probably just me thinking about it too hard).

Other than that, I like it! Good luck with the build!

Roger that! I also think it looks a bit off that they are close, and thanks for the feedback!


Looks amazing!!! The hospital looks so realistic. I think right now it looks well a little, bland. I’m not sure if you are going to change the colors, but maybe add a sign and add some super dark grey in some places. Also make some yellow dotted lines in the parking lot to like guide traffic, I see those at my local hospitals.

Ah, yes, I’m planning to make a hospital sign like the one on TRGH, and also make some terrains and such, and a cross that most hospital has. Thank you for the feedback though.

Mhm! Anytime, looks amazing so far; keep up the good work!

I think you are off to an incredible start, keep up the great work!

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Really incredible, can’t wait to see interiors!

Well, also, I would personnally, mess around with colors and try to make it fit building, like adding a whie in some parts

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Looks like quite a unique hospital, and has a nice layout. I believe that it is really good, and has a lot of potential.

Good stuff.

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Adding nature could be great it adds some colour to it

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Very good :blush: but i think you forgot the Red Hospital Cross :wink:

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Looks amazing, but in real hospitals I think patients have a bit more privacy.

Oh, yes, that is the purpose of the building at the back, the one on the front are for appointments or normal checkups. The one on the right is a cafeteria and at the second floor of it is a pharmacy, so most medical stuff is at the back building.

Alright makes sense. Looks awesome, good luck with it.

Considering you’re a new developer, this is very very good. Personally i think it would look better with some realistic lighting, do keep us updated on progress, and if you’re doing interior aswell.

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