Host Preparation Training Guide


Copy and Paste this in discord using ;shout. TRAINING | Training will be hosted by [NAME HERE] at [TIME HERE]. Trainees why not come down to become staff?


The‌ ‌host‌ ‌announces‌ ‌the‌ ‌session‌ by using ;shout in discord.‌

The host will now assign 2 classroom teachers and a few helpers.

The host will make sure when assigning teachers that they are the highest rank in the server and that they have the documents.

The host will make sure they have 1 teacher for the cashier section and 1 for the chef section.

MR+ can either be a teacher or helper but if there are HR’s please make the HR’s the teachers.

The host cannot be a teacher if there are other HR’s.

Once the trainers deem that the host can start, the host can proceed to say “!start”.

The host can now proceed to the "INTRODUCTION"


;sm Hello, welcome to the [TIME HERE] training session! My name is [NAME HERE] and I am joined by my co-host, [NAME HERE].

;sm At this time please do not talk.

;sm I am now going to talk about some guidelines, tips, and notices for your training session. Also some memorable things you may want to note for your future here at Chicken N’ Dough.

;sm We promote a lot of people as some of you may notice, but do NOT hint for a promotion. This can lead to a demotion or a suspension, also it will lower your chance of being promoted in the future.

;sm Our communications server is more frequently known as a discourd server is a great way to keep in touch with each other and to announce our sessions.

;sm I will be now going over guidelines that you must follow in order to avoid failing.

;sm You must be professional at all times, this can higher your chances of passing today’s training.

;sm Permission to speak is always effect during the training. Speaking without permission will be removed from the server, this is only not in effect once your training has started or you’ve answered a question.

;sm Grammar strikes will be given, you must use grammar in your interview and now. You will be given I I I I I grammar strikes if you get all of the strikes you’ve automatically failed.

;sm Please abide by all Roblox Terms of Service and rules, following these rules stop you from being rude.

;sm Trolling is not tolerated in any industry, especially here. The staff have spent their own time coming here, so please don’t waste their time.

;sm Good luck, and have fun with your training.

The host can now proceed to the "START"


The host will now inform everyone:

;sm Once the doors open can everyone go into the “Cashier Section” room. Trainees who go into the “Chef Section” will be kicked.

;sm Once everyone is behind a register the teacher can start.

The host can now open the doors using "!open"

The host can now proceed to watch and supervise the class


Once everyone is done and ranked or failed you can help anyone in need.

If no one needs help you can end the training.

To end the training simply say "!end"

The server will automatically shut down the server.

Make sure to remove your shout by replacing it with " TRAINING | Training has just ended, congratulations to all passers.

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