Hosting Interview Session

What is Shizuké ?
Shizuké is one of the newest and smallest roleplay restaurants on Roblox. We provide a Japanese experience unlike any other. With a Growing community, we are dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience for all. Our mission has been to gather a loving Community with innovative ideas while becoming one of the most original and creative groups.

This this guide is ONLY for Shizuké manager rank and above personnel. Throughout this guide you’ll be able to host a successful interview session.

Interview session MUST only be hosted by rank “Management Intern” and above [ If caught hosted by any others immediate action will take place.]

Step 1: Set group shout on Shizuké’s group wall. Along with making announcement in groups communications server, in" Session Announcements" ------THIS IS A MUST EXAMPLES CAN BE FOUND BELOW. During this time, you are allowed to play music as applicants join the session. (Recommended)

Hosting Shout Examples

" Interview Session | S-locking in 15mins | Host: “ROBLOXUSERNAME” | Co-Host: “ROBLOX USERNAME.” ------ If session is being hosted at that very moment, there doesn’t have to be a co-host optional

" Interview Session (5:00pm EST) | S-locking in 15mins | Host “ROBLOXUSERNAME” | Co-Host “ROBLOX USERNAME.” ------ If session is being scheduled for a later time.

Step 2: Once the allowed time has come for the session to begin; server is to be locked and group shout must be set again letting applicants and other staff members know that interview session has now begun, and the server is currently locked. ------ THIS IS A MUST AN EXAMPLE CAN BE FOUND BELOW.
The server MUST REMAIN LOCKED, under no circumstances is it to be unlocked.

S-Lock Shout Example

Interview Session | S-locked | Host “ROBLOXUSERNAME” | Co-Host “ROBLOX USERNAME. | Please head on down to the restaurant for a fresh bowl of salad.”

Step 3: Once the session has been locked, applicants should visit the receptionist window to be given a number. Which will be order they will be interviewed. Ranks Management Intern and above are allowed to administer numbers to applicants for their interviews. During this time, you should supervise interview to make sure that questions are being asked corrected and being responded to in a professional manner, look for favoritism in logs to make sure the interviews are accurate as possible " The commands needed can be found under “Session Commands.”

Step 4: Once the last applicants have been interviewed, set group status allowing members to know that interview as concluded. —THIS IS A MUST AN EXAMPLE CAN BE FOUND BELOW. (Trainings hosted after an interview session is optional and is NOT a must. If you wish to host a training session, please view the training session guide found in the handbook.

Interviews Concluded Example

Interview Session | Concluded | Host “ROBLOXUSERNAME” | Co-Host “ROBLOX USERNAME. | Please head on down to the restaurant for a fresh bowl of salad.”

Session Commands
  1. :slock ---- This will lock the session for all ranks below “HeadAdmins”.
  2. :unslock ----- This will unlock the server. " Is not to be used only in accidently situations or emergencies.
  3. :Change " ROBLOX username" rank “Next number in line” ------- [gives player interview number.]
  4. :Change " ROBLOX username" B.I “Being Interviewed” ------- [gives player’s current status update.]
  5. :Music " song ID" “can be found on ROBLOX’s Development tabor founders’ inventory.” -------[Sets song for music in server]
  6. :logs This is where you can check logs on players or regular logs in general. ------- For specific user logs use command 6b.
    6b. :logs"ROBLOXUSERNAME" This will pull logs for just the player listed,