H.O.T Staff Rules and Guidelines

H.O.T Staff Rules and Guidelines

  1. All new coming staff member’s must send an application and attend a training.
  2. New staff member’s must attend they’re first training in order to get promoted to actor.
  3. Do not ask for a promotion that will automatically give you a demotion.
  4. Staff members can work on other job titles [accept Rank 5] meaning if they’re are not enough staff member to cover a job a HR can ask you to help that job title.
  5. Please respect all staff member’s, there is no need to cause a fight just report the issue to a HR.

Admin Abuse:

  1. Most commands are restricted, this will help HR’s communicate with staff member’s in a correct order.
  2. PM before TP-ing any staff member, unless it is very important.
  3. Profanity, handcuff abuse or other obvious major admin abuse will result in immediate removal of rank instead of suspension and without a re-hiring opportunity. Unintentional and minor admin abuse (Such use of M, TP of wrong person, etc) will result in a warning. 3 warnings lead to suspension.

All high ranks promote users who do not ask for promotions. Promotions are earned based on activity, those who are taking care of our customers have great grammar and act professional at all times.


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