Hotel Building Feedback

Hey, everyone!
I’m currently building a hotel for a group I run with friends, (@AviatorJacobRBLX, @iiAviationlover123) and we are in the process of building a hotel.
It’s not finished yet, I just wanted to ask what we could add/change to make it look better.
(on the hallway screenshot, there is suppose to be a door. I was to lazy to grab a keycard so i just deleted the door…)
Please give your honest opinions, we want to make this hotel the best it can be!


It looks a little bland. Some decor for it would really be a good touch.


That’s what I was thinking. We are thinking about adding grand opening signs, and some other things like plants, floor signs, blinds for windows, ect,. We are also going to add seating in the pool area, we just haven’t gotten to it yet.
Thanks for the feedback!

Very blocky, I’d prefer more detail and smoothness, that would be very nice!

I’d also search up random hotels or hotel rooms so you can maybe get new ideas and get inspiration.

But looks good so far on the progression.


I didn’t even think about searching up random hotel rooms… Thats a great idea!
Yeah, I do agree about how blocky it is. Thats another thing on the list to do, and hopefully I get to it soon. Some of the things in there currently are just placeholders, incase I build, or see something for sale in the asset marketplace that looks better.

the walls are not very nice texture… or color. change that up, add some more detail to them

make some textures and put those in for the floor.

make a color base for your entire build and USE it

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You should probably add some more decorations, and make the numbers at the reception a bit smaller. The rest look fine to me tho! :+1:

Too much empty space. Make it smaller and fill by some furniture. But building frame not bad. Good luck! :slight_smile:

I agree with it looking a little blocky. Some rounding and smoothening would look great, as said previously said ^.

I think in the reception you should make those red barriers a little smaller, they just look too chunky. The text should also be a bit smaller and maybe a different font. But that’s my opinion.

Looks well though so far! Good luck with your hotel project. :slight_smile:

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Great start so far on a build up to this scale!

One of the things you could do would be to raise the height of the ceiling as the ceiling looks pretty low.

Lastly, I’ve noticed this while staying at many hotels across the world…
Hotels try to incorporate light and calming colors which give someone the feeling of home or serenity when they look at the color. For example…

Try to add these kind of colors which allow a pleasant stay for your hotel. It enhances the build as well as adds a creative and pleasant design. (Looking at images of hotel rooms can help inspire you to know what you want to add to them as well).

Hope this helped!
Smiles, drag32 :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking about raising the ceilings, I don’t like low ceilings either…
Yes, I am going to change the colors in the room. I think they are to bright, and I like calmer colors.
Thanks for the feedback!

I will be changing the colors. The rooms were suggested to be more of a calmer color, and I agree.
I will be changing the texture of the walls. I don’t know what I was thinking…
Thanks for the feedback!

Am creating a hotel of my own, try pulling from these techniques a bit and (hopefully) improve on them:


One thing almost every new builder gets wrong is overusing certain materials/colors in their builds. At the moment it looks more like a hospital. Most nice hotels I know have warm lighting and use a warmer color palette (like at the pictures given above) - gives it a sense of comfort and home. I also suggest avoiding long and plain walls. Try experimenting with various angles/curves. I won’t go in-depth with this, you’ll pick this up as you make more builds. One last suggestion I could give you is that when attempting to make detailed housings imagine yourself at that place and ask yourself these questions: “Does this make sense?” and “Would I live here?”

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Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take this into consideration! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for replies! We will take all of this, and use it to make our hotel the best it can be!
I agree that some of the textures can be fixed, and the colors need to be changed. I will be adding decorations, I don’t like plain stuff myself either.
I will also try to cut back on the big open spaces, like the hallways.
Once again, thanks for all of your suggestions!

Hi -
The best way to start a hotel from scratch is to make the room first. By creating the room, you have set a foundation for the size and interior design of your hotel - things that are usually very hard to picture in your mind!

I highly recommend grabbing a picture from the internet of a real hotel room that looks good to you. Then, you can replicate that room to Roblox while putting personal touches on it. Make sure you model the room when you are finished so you can easily duplicate each room.

Try avoiding making big empty spaces like your hallways and lobby. Also, try making your ceilings a bit taller. The best way to determine ceiling height is to import a ”NPC” from the toolbox see if he can easily fit in the space with room above his head - but not too much room above his head to where he looks really small in the room.

Last thing - try avoiding the use of Roblox textures. Sometimes you can make it look good… but usually you are better off getting a carpet or wall texture from the internet and using that. Usually plastic walls look good too (with a good color choice). They look a lot cleaner.

Hope this helps!