Hotel Hallway Feedback

Hello! I am currently building a hotel on Roblox. It is meant to be based in the Philippines and must showcase the beauty of traditional Filipino architecture while also incorporating modern designs and styles.

This is the look of the current hallway, and in my opinion, it looks too creepy(ish) for what I expect it to be.

For context, this is the design and overall theme of the hotel. These are snippets from the hotel’s lobby.

PS: Yes, I know the hallway is very much unfinished but the vibe is just not it. If you want more images of the hotel for reference, please do not hesitate to ask.

Anyway, does anyone have ideas on how to make it better? Lighting? Textures? What to add? What to remove? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Amazing build! I especially love the lobby ceiling design. One thing I’d add though to make the build stand out more is adding interior trims right below the ceiling - here for reference.

You could also inset the faces of the ceiling to create this sort of design or something similar

picture taken from a hotel somewhere in Manilla

These opinion of mine are purely just my preferences, and shouldn’t be taken anything other than suggestions to incorporate - here are some things I’ve picked up that could help with the build:


In my opinion the colour scheme is spot on, I like how the colours blend and compliment each other. One thing to emphasize this a tad bit more is to add some atmosphere into your build.

There seems to be lack of shadow - evident from the hallway picture - and I feel this is either due to your lighting technology or your light composition is set too bright. I suggest configuring the light sources and just mess around till it’s at a lighter tone

You could also add some of these properties under Lighting to help create a more defined atmosphere of the build - I suggest adding ColorCorrection to lighten up the build, and atmosphere to create some sort of fog.


Here are some of photos of a showcase I’m working on, albeit not very much at the moment but with the use of these properties I am able to create this:

PBR Textures

The textures are alright and could use some work. Incorporating PBR Textures if you haven’t already would help create a somewhat realistic environment if that’s your intention.

Here are some sites I use for finding PBR Textures:, Textures • Poly Haven,

Small Changes

A few things I’ve noticed is that most objects are floating. Evident from the first picture: the door frame, lamp, elevator buttons - I don’t know if this is your take on modernism but personally it looks awkward

The build overall seems a bit spacious for my personal liking, and I don’t know how it looks in game but you should just be wary of proportions and stuff like that - if there is by any chance a way to test this game I’m sure it’ll help open up for more feedback.

That being said though the build is looking splendid, please do not be afraid to take time with your projects and carefully skim over everything, every minute detail. The time factor adds up, the more love and dedication you put in something the better it’ll turn out!

Hopefully I said something in this jumbled mess that’s atleast somewhat useful :sweat_smile:

I’ll be watching your progress with great interest,
thank you for your patience~!

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Thank you so much! Let’s keep in touch and I shall make sure to update you regarding my progress.

Using your advice, the hallway is now starting to come together! It fits the aesthetic I have envisioned more, and it also feels a lot homier, if that makes sense. Tysm for your help!


Holy, Incredible progress! I’m glad I could be of helping hands.
Filipino culture is very underappreciated and seeing others express the arts of their architecture is really pleasing!

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The text on the plaque on the right side is coming out a lot. I’m not sure if that’s intended or not, but in my opinion, it would look better if it appeared as an decal.

failed attempt at realism, the lighting is terrible