Hotel rank up system

Ok. Im not sure what you mean - advertising here? I wasn’t trying to advertise, can you let me know what made it seem that way?

I am not talking about you. You are the OP.

I am saying that all of these other users are posting solutions that involve robux. Of course, you c an up to solve anything. If users are supposed to suggest paid solutions, there would be no scripting support category, just paid solutions.

Oh ok i see, thanks for clarifying. Its alright, I dont think they were advertising themselves specifically.

In order to create auto ranking systems, you should have a bot in your group, which can do this ranking by itself instead that your staff members are doing manual ranking. You can try to use the Ranking Services. one them of them called RanKGun, which provides you free ranking services for your group, you can’t find any other ranking services which can provide you ranking features for free.
Link: Rankgun - Ranking Services,Quiz Centers, Automatic Ranking, Chat Commands, Member Counter & more