Hotkey to Snap to Grid

Once the thing I’m building gets off-axis or off-center even a little bit, it starts to pollute my entire Roblox file as I line up other parts to the off-center model.

It would be really sweet if there were a button that would snap the entire model back to integral world coordinates, or snap it to integral coordinates relative to the surface the model sits on.


If you set a PrimaryPart for the model and snap that part’s position to integral world coordinates with Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame() that should work (unless I’m misinterpreting your problem)

Edit: nevermind I read your question wrong lol

Wouldn’t SetPrimaryPartCFrame just ruin it more?

Usually if my model is off by 0.03 studs in the X axis, I’d just set my primary part’s CFrame back 0.03 stud in that axis and my model would be fixed. In the example you provided, OP uses it constantly for 1+ days and that looks like a floating point error. Two different uses of the SetPrimaryPartCFrame