Hotkeys for "Publish" and "Publish As" are sometimes non-functional

I used to be able to use the Alt+P hotkey in Studio to easily publish the current Place, and the Alt+Shift+P hotkey to publish the current Place to a new Place.

However, this has stopped working for me in the last few days. It seems to be a somewhat sporadic issue since, sometimes, the hotkeys do end up working, but opening a new Place and attempting to use the hotkeys won’t work.

The only way to publish my current project is by using the FILE menu.

System Info
Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64-bit
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700H 2.30 GHz

Enabled Beta Features
Assistant Preview
Dragger QoL Improvements
Notched Screen Support
Terrain Editor
UIListLayout Flex Features
Updated Roblox Controls

Reproduction Files: This can be reproduced by opening a new Place through Studio (such as by using Ctrl+N).

Expected behavior

I expect that the effect of using the Alt+P hotkey, my project is published to the current Place.

I expect that the effect of using the Alt+Shift+P hotkey, I am presented with the “Choose the game to add this Place to” modal.


+1, i’ve got this on my end as well :sweat_smile:

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Do other hotkeys such as F to focus work? Or O/I to zoom? I found that those don’t work for me either.

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I’ve had this issue as well. Clicking “File” re-enables them.

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+1 - I’ve also had this issue, sometimes it just doesn’t work unless you use the File buttons.

This happens to me as well, but this bug report should cover that for you.

Just a side note, before posting a bug report, double check if it doesn’t already exist. It’s okay if you make a mistake, it’s not the end of the world…everybody does.

Hey @dubittilman

We are closing this thread as it’s a duplicate of the bug report mentioned here:

You can keep an eye on that thread as we will announce when the fix will be shipped!

Thank you!


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