Hour Of Terror Job Information and Tasks:

Hour Of Terror Job Information and Tasks:


If you are in this rank, you are automatically banned until further notice by a HR.

[-] Awaiting Training
You passed on the application! Congratulations! Now you may wait and attend one of our trainings for a promotion to actor!

1| Actor
You are now a actor, your job is make sure to give the customer’s a good scare but also have a good time for yourself while working!

2| Mascot
Mascot’s are staff member’s who where our pride color’s, this includes a skeleton outfit and more. Mascots can also allow customer’s get pictures with them!

3| Game Attendant
We offer many things, one of those things are mini games, so with game attendant your job is to host the mini game like real life carnival mini games. Is this Job description tricky to understand? Contact Ruppyi!

4| Security Guard
Your job is to simply make sure customer and staff member are safe during they’re time or shift while at Hour Of Terror.

5| Customer Service
Your job is to answer any customer’s questions, in our customer service building.

6| Makeup Artist
Your job is help actors get dressed, or dress actor’s the way you can see them!

7| Customer Service Manager
Your job is to make sure every customer service staff member is doing their job.

8| Management

Your job is to make sure staff member’s and customer’s are happy during their stay. You have responsibility’s
to make sure everything is running well inside the server.

[-] Senior Management
This job is earned by hard work and HR’s seeing that you are active and responsible for this job title.

There are more job titles, but they are not open.

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