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I’ll keep this short and simple.

I’m trying to create a lobby that looks like a very broken and deteriorated house. I already made the main hallway and the living room, but I don’t know what else to add. I’m also confused as to where to add extra detail, like weapons, cracks on the floor or even blood. Please help me with this.

What it looks like from the main hallway:
(The living room door is to my right.)


You should add more destroyed paintings and furniture to the walls. Also add some detail to make the ceiling look broken/destroyed by making holes and scratches and the lights being broken. Otherwise, this house looks good so far!

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Furniture like what? I tried using small sofas and tables to the wall on my left, but they didn’t seem to fit. I’ll look into trying to make the roof look damaged though.

The lights do flicker, by the way, and some are completely broken.

And another matter, where do I place the bedrooms and the kitchen? Should I place them at the end of the hallway, make a door to the left, I’m so confused.

It’s hard to tell from a screenshot, but what are the dark lines on the walls and floor? The ones on the walls I can see being posts or some decorative wall accents, but the floor lines make it look like you’ve created the hallway in sections and just put dark covers at the joints.

Also I strongly recommend completing a building’s shape and size before going into detail work. If you don’t you may find you have to rebuild entire sections because the scale is incorrect, or the size you need a room to be is limited by the completed rooms you’ve built beside it.

I build by blocking out rooms and hallways with 1 stud thick walls on a 1 stud Move increment. Have a plan with room sizes depending on what each one is going to be. Have simple door and window openings, Move on to single Part furnishings like beds, tables, bathroom fixtures, charis, cupboards and cabinets, kitchen fixtures etc.

There’s nothing as frustrating as building a room with a set pattern of wall posts and beams, or a floor tile design or a patterned ceiling and realizing you have to resize the whole thing by 2 studs because you need to resize the room you are building next to it.

The “lines” are just gaps from the floorboards, I didn’t want a simple flat floor.

Wow, in the first picture the floorboard look like they’re as wide as the width of the doorframe. Normally floorboards aren’t much wider than about 8" (20 cm).

What are the lines on the walls?

Also a flat wall with some brick boards.