House, Furniture and Vehicles System

Simonp Studios is selling a house, furniture and vehicles system. It is a Roblox Studio project fully scripted, which is public and open to everyone to be tested. In case you buy it, a copy of the project will be shared to you. We also offer you the implementation of the the system to your game service for a higher price.

Houses, Furniture and Vehicles System - Roblox Houses, Furniture and Vehicles System - Roblox

What it is included?

  1. House System:
  • House purchase and inventory system
  • House plots system
  • Indoor System
  • 3 house models (indoor and outdoor)
  1. Furniture System:
  • Furniture purchase and inventory system
  • Furniture placement system
  • 7 furniture models
  1. Vehicles System:
  1. Data Base Handler and Leaderstats scripts.

  2. Functional GUI


  • 8,900 Robux → Roblox Studio Project
  • 14,900 Robux → Roblox Studio Project + Implementation Service

Pay Method

Roblox Group payout if possible, else another pay method will be discused.


You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or in my Roblox group: Simonp Studios - Roblox

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: