House looks very bland, don't know what to fix

I’m not that good at building. I’m trying to make a house design for someone, but the exterior looks very bland. I have no idea what to add. What can I do to make it look better?

You could add stuff like supporting beams, different color schemes, and maybe make it less “blocky” like add some curves and bevel it and stuff but you might have to use Blender.

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like the other guy said, use support beams. add window and door frames and maybe an attic window.

Adding to what has already been suggested, a thinner roof would look more realistic, a smaller opening around the garage door/garage that extends in front of the house. Some yard scenery could work well too with a flowerbed and a tree or two. Lastly, unless it is an exaggerated style, some thinner walls would be more realistic.

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